Finishing The Task Vision

This video presents the vision of the Finishing The Task movement of reaching the remaining Unengaged, Unreached People Groups of the world.

Finishing The Task Conference 2018- Precedent & Promise- Steve Smith

In this third and last video of a series shown at the Finishing The Task Conference- "Within Sight", Steve Smith challenges us and shows us some deep insights into the Word of God.

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Finishing The Task Conference 2017- Paul Eshleman

Paul Eshleman, Director of Finishing The Task, opens up the conference with a discussion about the goals and challenges of Finishing the Task.

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Finishing The Task Conference 2017- Rick Warren

Author and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church shares 8 points on the Biblical Foundation for Mobilization/Finishing The Task.

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Finishing The Task Conference 2017- Nik Ripken

Nik Ripken, author of "The Insanity of God," shares with us his thought provoking insight on the persecuted Church.

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History of Table 71

This video shows how "Table 71" began. Table 71 is the origin of the Finishing the Task movement.

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Scripture Servants- The Leading Edge

Throughout the world there are thousands of people groups with no scripture. Many of the groups have an Oral culture background, so the process of getting them scripture in their language usually begins with an Oral Bible. This video includes excerpts of interviews with some Scripture Servants. Scripture Servants are the people that dedicate their lives to translating and creating an Oral Bible for a people group.

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Scripture Servants- Animated Introduction

This video shows the process that StoryRunners uses to translate Bible stories into different oral languages. It explains how all that is needed is a willing heart.

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Tears of the Saints

This video was shown at various Call2All events. It shows the real need there is for the message of Jesus Christ in the world. It was made by our good friends at AsiaLink and features a soul stirring song by the group Leeland.

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Jesus Film for the Awi People

This is another Coast Hills Church outreach. This time it is to the Awi people of Ethiopia where they helped with the translation of The JESUS Film.

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